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Below are a selection of samples of recordings made at Joyful Collision studios. Please note that for ease of download these are mp3 files so they are not at full broadcast quality. If you would like samples at full quality or more samples then please contact us.

The Seeds of Time recorded a full commercial album and also remixed and mastered two further albums. Further information and audio files on their site The Seeds of Time

Autentik-Rital is a young rising star in French rap. He is recording his latest net-tapes project with us. For more info see Autentik-Rital blog

Tony Howarth is (amongst other things) a poet and author. This is a sample from an Audio Book of his poetry - spoken voice is a demanding test of recording quality . . . For more about Tony visit his site Anthony Howarth

Les Fous Frogs is our own musical ensemble - these are examples of our work, recorded in the studio. For more information see our site Les Fous Frogs

All works are Copyright protected by respectively A J Thompson (The Seeds of Time) ( 2010, 2011), Autentik-Rital ( 2013), Anthony Howarth ( 2011, 2012) and Les Fous Frogs ( 2012)

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